Novelist. Book Editor. Copywriter.

I'm Steffanie. Steffie for short. Native of Arizona who grew up all over the west coast (California, Oregon) and spent some years in Colorado. Current home of over five years is Los Angeles.


Storytelling is my second-nature. Since I was a child I have loved reading and writing. I have written, edited and self-published four novels. I have also been professionally hired to write and edit novels through UpWork in addition to my decade plus of writing articles and blog posts for various online publications. For more, see my portfolio page.


Before freelancing I worked at: NBC, MGM and NETFLIX. However, nothing fulfills me the way writing does and I have dedicated my life to it. In addition to writing I am a certified personal trainer, half-marathon runner, and heavy weight lifter. Lover of classic rock, punk rock, tattoos, and pizza. Cat mom to my bengal Calvin. Hollywood-living for over five years.

As of January 2021, I am enrolled in the Writer's Digest Copy Editing and Developmental Editing three month certification course.


Favorite Shows:

  • True Detective

  • The Office

  • BoJack Horseman

Favorite Books:

  • Slaughterhouse Five

  • Farenheit 451

  • Something in the Water